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"How It All Began" A message from owner Rock Hilton

Who We Are?

We are an organic juicing company whose main goal is to assist you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle! Rock Solid Reboot juices are made daily with organic ingredients to help your body "Restore, Recover and Reboot"! 

Why Choose Rock Solid Reboot?

Enjoying a 100% Organic Rock Solid Reboot Juice, you will experience the amount of care and love we put into each and every bottle. Our juice is made fresh daily ensuring that you're getting the highest quality possible. Our purpose is to bring you an option that will assist you in achieving a healthier and happier lifestyle!

Email us at: RockSolidReboot@gmail.com


"Rock Hilton, Day 5 of the reboot & I have lost 5lbs! My energy level is so much better, haven't had a nap all week 🤗. Thank you for the program, support, and knowledge.......you are saving lives."


"Thats what I like about it, out of all the diet fads I have tried, this reboot hands down has been most effective and beneficial for me to stay consistent"


"Literally the juice is amazing. Im humbly excited to pass the word and share #rebootwithrockhilton. Flavors are impeccable and consistency is perfect. Best juice on the MARKET."


Hi Rock!

Thank you so much for helping me get a kick start on my health Journey!

It's been awesome with getting my energy back, my cravings for carbs are gone and talk about regularity (TMI) lol! 8 pounds down in 10 days! I didn't believe you when you said I can drop that in 2 weeks.


What's good Rock! I'm a believer bro! Down 8.2lbs in 5 days! Numbers don't lie! 


I started my healthy living journey with rocksolidreboot July 15th at 210lbs now one month later I’m 189.2. My goal is 165 and I know I can do it HARD WORK & DETERMINATION Rock Hilton Thank you for the motivation couldn’t have done it without your help #rocksolidreboot #strong💪🏾💯🤞🏾